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sadotter's Journal

accidentally living hard

...and it was all right
15 April 1974
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80s sci-fi movies, abilene the bar, akron/family, arlo & janis, atp uk, beautifully slow movies, blissfully loud noise, botards, bride of pinbot, canadian tuxedos, carroll gardens, cecil's straight dope, charlie goobs, cheap orange belts, cinerama, cleveland cock rock, clunky antiquated alarm clocks, concealing my emotions, covetousness, creamy cowboys, crushing on david gedge, depressed modern american writers, driving old pickup trucks, drunk croquet, early 80's trans ams, eating scary dirty food, ernie pook's comeek, eugene t. maleska, freshly baked jujubes, fucking sick guitar sounds, game on gay-mon amon, german glitchy electronics, going to movies alone, golden era mad magazine, googly eyes, gowanus yacht club, hating the beatles, hesse of the class, high scoring on galaga, house on drunkard hill, hugo the romantic, i'm mr. airplane man, indie rock family trees, irene jacob, keyboard dance moves, king kaufman, kitchen wrestling, led fuckin' zeppelin, lileks.com, lost weekends at llewoh, lynda barry, michael gira projects, mirrored sunglasses, missy assenfatz, noise fests, obsessing over fantasy baseball, octodogs, pan faced flute, passing people on highways, pissing off my friends, pittsburgh rock, polaroid izone cameras, pornography, red red meat, reheated black coffee, repressing childhood memories, rock lyrics as philosophy, san diego bands, schools of brown trout, skewering the oniony meat, sonic youth, streets of fire, tacos lupita, talking cats, telling the painful truth, the (departed) upstairs lounge, the curb rule, the f train, the human jock box, the k chronicles, the miracle of science, the reid brothers, the twilight zone, the washer list, time travel, tom the dancing bug, trader joe's, tt the bear's, unhip classic rock, university of rochester, vicoprofen and booze, weiner whiner line